Herbs and spices can do wonders for a meal, but did you know they can also spice things up in the bedroom? A number of these tasty garnishes have aphrodisiacal properties that can boost libido and get you in the mood. So the next time you have a romantic meal, be sure to include some of the following:


A sweet herb that’s a staple in Italian cooking, basil can help with your sex drive. The ancient Greeks often gave it to their horses before sending them out to stud or breed. And according to Pagan lore, basil can help mend lovers’ quarrels.


Ayurvedic medicine often recommends the use of cardamom to boost libido. Compounds in this spice help to increase blood flow to the sex organs and foster arousal.


Cloves have an enticing aromatic fragrance that enhances sexual feelings. Its aroma also helps to fight fatigue. So if you think you’re too tired for sex, take a whiff of some cloves or clove oil and you’ll be ready for love in no time.


When it comes to libido boosting herbs, much attention is given to the guys. Well, here’s a special one for the ladies—fennel. Reminiscent of celery, this herb has a licorice like flavor. The ancient Egyptians used it to aid women’s libido specifically.


Although garlic is unromantic as far as kissing is concerned, it does wonders for blood flow to the sexual organs. So go ahead have the garlic bread and pasta for dinner. You can always follow up with a breath mint.


Ginger is known to have a number of medicinal properties. It can aid digestion, circulation and even lower cholesterol. It also targets blood circulation to the genitals. Ginger is even mentioned as a libido booster in the Kama Sutra.


This spice often used in desserts, coffee and eggnog, specifically targets the nervous system. Males especially can benefit from a sprinkle of nutmeg for their libido. Even the ancient Chinese used nutmeg as an aphrodisiac. Avoid taking in large quantities however, as it can act as a hallucinogenic.


The common black pepper that graces every table can actually help your sex drive. This spice has energizing properties that can speed up your metabolism and improve circulation—especially to sensitive areas. Pepper is also warming to the body and can give your skin an attractive rosy glow.


Perhaps more valuable than gold, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Thank goodness all you need is just a thread or two to enhance your sex drive. This spice acts as a neurotransmitter and stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. And after all, they say that the brain is the largest sex organ!


Plain old vanilla is anything but plain when it comes to a healthy libido. Both its fragrance and flavor have a soothing and relaxing effect, which may just put you in.